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It's in project the third version of RS Somnífero.

This version will suppose a great change in the application, that pretend to be a potent and useful application to the user with multiple options, able to carry out daily tasks easily.

The program will become a programmer of tasks that will even allow to configure it to be run daily, weekly or monthly, besides including the previous conditions.

It will also allow the programming of multiple tasks. In this way, from the application you will be able to control as many tasks as they are wanted.

It will already be included to all the actions available, the one of carrying out backup copies. And the inclusion of new options is not discarded.

What would you that RS Somnífero 3 includes? Send an e-mail to with the option that you would like to include in the new version or do it through our web, clicking here.

Last Update: July 11th, 2004

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