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RS Somnífero 2.7 - Error '6'
March 28th 2005

RS SomníferoAfter install the new version of RS Somnífero, you can get the following error:

Run time error '6'.

The error it's now solved, and is only necessary download the file again. Sorry for the inconveniences.


RS Somnífero 2.7
March 20th 2005

RS SomníferoNew version of RS Somnífero. Version 2.7 has new enhancements and features. It adds the following enhancements: Internet Control, Start the Screensaver, make screenshots, a new shutdown option, and more...


Languages for RS Somnífero 2.7
January 9th 2005

Although RS Somnífero is available in several languages, some of the translations have been gotten through programs so they could not be correct.

If you can translate a text file in English or Spanish to any other language and he would like to collaborate, please, send an email to indicating to that language you could translate it.



RS Somnífero 2.7 Beta
November 28th 2004

It is already available a Beta version of RS Somnífero 2.7 that will allow to the user know the new features that presents, as well as to inform of any error that you can find with the purpose of eliminate it of the future final version.

To download the file click over the link in the right menu.



New Design
July 13th, 2004

After problems with our old server, and after being two weeks off-line, a new server has been hired to house the page and the programs.

During the period in that the page was off-line, neither no e-mail was received. I apologize to those people that were affected.

Also, the page presents now a new style that I hope that it's of the pleasure of the visitors.

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